Quality Value Education

TThe purpose of an education is to develop an individual holistically with the means of knowledge. Knowledge that encompasses humanities, arts, science, religion, nature, sports to bring broad aspects of life and living as integrated and connected. Learning culture, values, principles are core of existence of an enlightened individual, it needs to be taught, cultivated and practiced in an environment, and over a sustained period of time gets rooted in an individual and thus remains a way of life.

Quality Value Education(QVE) aims to work with institutions with the endeavor to take Indian Education to its pinnacle by bringing to India the best in Education approaches , practices ,products and technological solutions applied worldwide to merge with Indian best practices, to help create world class institutions par excellence in our country.

QVE team with diversified members’ mentors Institutions and bring in expertise on

  • CRM and ERP systems implementation
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Online and E-Learning systems
  • Technology architectures in Institutions like Black board, Smart Class, Cloud tech etc
  • State of art Lab and R&D lab set up
  • Pedagogy and curriculum development
  • Global Educational Quality Accreditation
  • Foreign Universities affiliations
  • Twining programs with University
  • Academic delivery systems
  • Test assessment systems
  • Communication & marketing plans in India and international markets
  • Complete backend systems support for student acquisition