Technology Enabled Products & Services

TDoing business in today’s competitive environment requires organizations to embrace technology driven solutions to scale business globally and offer the best quality service. Business is all about speed and prompt service. COMATEC team is driven by next generation technology , by passion to design and develop innovative, creative and cost effective solutions. COMATEC have partnered with leading solutions provider in the world to deliver technology based comprehensive suite of industry and business solutions

  • CRM-Customer Relationship Management

    Customer is the very purpose of business. Identifying, managing and retaining customer is the only way to insure your business for the future. Service satisfied customer is always a loyal customer. COMATE C-CRM developed based on information management system will track prospect, maintain detailed information and every activities initiated.CRM is about putting structures and systems to help streamline operations by integrating every information on customer activity from various departments of an organization. CRM will help maintain a close touch with your existing customers and thus create a long term business relationship.
  • Enterprise Document Management Solution (EDMS)

    EDMS is a work flow tool for the management of different kinds of documents by digital conversion of your hardcopy documents, papers, publications etc., by digitizing, indexing and organizing for quick retrieval, processing and transferring of the data. It provides advanced search features and filter system, documents in all formats including multimedia are tagged and indexed so they can be found quickly by keyword or full text search. It is mandatory for organizations to maintain these electronic or digital format documents for regulatory audit, legal compliance. An era of paperless but every Government departments, PSU’s, Corporate, Hospitals and any Institutions will have to maintain records for a life cycle, importantly for business operations.
  • Electronic Illustrated Parts Catalogue/Manual

    An EIPC is required for the manufacturers of intensive industries like heavy engineering, automobile, aeronautical engine, equipments, to manage, track and maintenance of spare parts/assemblies & components. The tools will guide thru each part and track the smallest components with detail description, unique parts ID and is used as reference for identifying and ordering replacement items. Each item of equipment is listed in assembly breakdown order, with the illustration placed. It also furnishes a listing of various assemblies and lists the page, work package or figures where they are illustrated. Maintenance manuals or technical manuals provide procedures for conducting maintenance of components, engines and equipments. We can design illustrated parts graphics and interactive 3D catalogs for online parts ordering systems.
  • Multimedia, VFX & Animation based solutions

    The multimedia technology helps in developing high end innovative solutions which are pleasure on eyes and user friendly interfaces. Some of the ranges we create are interactive e-digital catalogue, product simulation etc , integrated with video, audio, flash, images & live web links embedded. The Digital catalogue is a virtual showroom where the products are at display with all the details and features in precise. Product simulation helps customer get a virtual feel of the product and its working, hence getting oneself totally acquainted.